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FAQ’S – Marc Becker Photography FAQ'S


Q. When do you start photographing and how long do you photograph?

A. I start photographing 3-4 hours before the event. To capture  the bride and groom getting ready, and other family events taking place  before the ceremony. These are some of the most treasured photos to view after the event and add great depth to the entire wedding album.

Q. What is your photographic style?

A. I photograph in a photo-journalistic and documentary style while always having the goal to capture the emotional story telling images of the day’s events. Weddings run through the gamut of emotions – I experience your event through the camera and capture those moments as they happen. The realism expressed in your photographs is  authentic.

Q. Do you take formal shots?

A. Yes I also take the formal shots. I give you a list of choices for posed shots. You can select as many of these as you want. One thing to understand is that these shots require co-ordination and take up time. Ultimately it’s your choice, and once you select the groupings I can predict how much time they will take. Of course I always take the main posed shots of Bride, Groom, Bridal Party, and Immediate Family.

Q. How many pictures will you take?

A. That depends on how long I photograph  and if you want a second shooter. In a full 14 hour day expect somewhere between 2,000 to 3,000 photographs. That’s one of the benefits of digital – a photographer can freely shoot – freeing up energy for creative images. You can estimate about 100-150 images an hour.

Q. Do you edit the images?

A. Yes, all the images will go through basic editing and cropping if necessary. Then I will select 200 – 300 images from a full day’s shoot and custom edit these images adding creative elements and enhancing the entire image. Images that you select for an album or printing will go through another editing process to further enhance for the printing process. You can select images in color or black and white or both.

Q. Do you shoot in black and white as well as  color?

A. I shoot digital negatives in color and will process in black in white as well as color so you have a choice.

Q. Do we get all the images shot at the wedding?

A. Yes , whatever package you choose you will get all the full resolution images as jpegs. If you want the RAW digital negatives you may have them but you will need to pay for a drive or supply one as they may need 80 to 100 gigabytes of storage.

Q. Do you shoot video?

A. I do also shoot video but primarily I shoot still photography. I work with professional wedding videographers with professional equipment and experienced in both shooting and editing.

Q. Where is the online gallery and how do we access it?

A. As a client of Marc Becker Photography you will have access to our secure client area. Your album will be available for view and you can see your images as a gallery or a slide show, customizing the look and feel of your gallery. You can share your album, create embeddable links or download photos. You will be able to email images right from your gallery.

Q. Can we order prints from the online gallery?

A. You will also be able to order prints directly from your gallery as well as many other custom photo products.

Q. Do you offer albums?

A. We work with several design studios depending on your budget including  Queensberry and Graphi Studios. Once we know the details of your album selections we can design the right album for you within your budget if you choose this as an option outside of the wedding packages.

Q. Do you travel?

A. Travel within 200 miles from NYC is standard. I am available to travel nationally and internationally if required. My passport is always up to date.

Q. What kind of cameras and equipment do you use?

A. I use Nikon cameras and lenses of the highest quality available for my wedding work. I bring portable studio lighting for posed formal photos. I am an expert editor and use a variety of leading software programs to process your photos.

Q. How do we hire you?

A. Hire me by filling out the details of the contract and including a 50% deposit of the desired services.


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